transactional sms

transactional sms

In the recent times Transactional SMS Delhi have gained tremendous popularity. The services are now very much popular and are in fact utilized by various organizations. The basic idea of having promotional SMS is to utilize it for the purpose of promotion, developing a business idea and other f business related purposes. Since the entire mechanism involved is simple and you will never have any issue, while making use of the services. Your target is to reach out and we certainly will help you to do that. Transactional SMS Services in Delhi offered by us at Applemedia extensively is being utilized by several companies for promotion, marketing and other business purposes. We help to brings to you facile and accessible Transactional SMS gateways where you can register your firm and send bulk SMS, designed to work in a trouble free manner... Your main target would be to reach out, so that you can grab the best possible opportunity. Applemedia is one of the best Transactional SMS Provider in Delhi. We are aggregator based on India having physical presence in major cities. We have various options using which you can stay connected to your targeted audience, customers and employees. We make sure that a buzz is created about your products and services. We provide SMS/email to OPT-IN Subscribers Only .

We provide Transactional SMS only for informational purposes only, you can be rest assured to revamp and redesign your Bulk SMS campaign so that you can reach out to the maximum potential customers. The notion of sending Bulk SMS is soon gaining popularity in India. You can update your customers' about any of your products and services.

We at Applemedia .com provide Transactional SMS for sending alert SMS to your customers. It can deliver on both DND & NON-DND numbers.

• Message Delivered on both DND &NON DND SMS.
• Services are Applicable 24×7×365.
• Delivered only to Registered Users.
• Instant Delivery.
• Free API
• Real time Reporting
• Immediate Feedback.


(Choose below packages according to your needs.)

Credits Low Route
50,000 SMS 7,500
1,00,000 SMS 13,000
5,00,000 SMS 60,000
10,00,000 SMS 1,10,000
Please call on +91 847-0077 -222

Features & Benefits

  • DND Refund(100%)
  • Validity Unlimited
  • Sender ID (6 Character) Like : AM-601232
  • DND Filtered 100%
  • Delivery Ratio 100%
  • Web Panel
  • DND Number Report
  • Excel Upload (Quick)
  • Activation Time Instatnt
  • Delivery Time 0 to 4 Hr
  • Server Time 9 AM - 9 PM
  • SMS Time 10 AM - 5 PM
  • Easy To Use
  • Support On Phone
  • Free Demo Account
  • Network Guarantee 99.9%
  • No Hidden Charge
  • Delivery on Non DND